Location 7

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert is in the Southern part of Africa. It is mainly sand sheet sand longitudinal dunes. It termed a sub tropical desert the same as the Sahara in the North. It is mostly flat and has windblown sand and also in the north sand deposited by the river.

The rainfall in the desert is 660 mm per year in the North, 400-450mm per year in the East and less than 200mm per year in the south west. There are lakes and rivers in the Kalahari but they are dry for 95% of the time.

The main characteristic of the Kalahari is the nature of the soil. It is fine sand, uniform grain size, but the colour varies from red in the drier parts and grey in the areas that have a higher rainfall.

Sand dunes in the Kalahari desert

This is a dune form the Kalahari desert. The red soil indicates that it is a dry region.

Image provided kindly by Jez Simpson



There are also relict ergs in the Kalahari desert. These are inactive dunes stabilized by vegetation in the desert. The Kalahari desert is mainly covered in these relict ergs, which are formed in response to climate change. The dunes that are found in this desert are the lunette dunes.



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