Review of External Links

This website was really good and provided a lot of different sections clearly headed and divided into sections. It was easy to navigate around and the order was clear and followed on from one page to the next. The pictures from the web site were very good, relating to the text with a lot of examples from all over the world.

Score = 4/5

This website was good for explanation and images. It concentrated on landforms and was easy to navigate the way through the page and also get back to the home page. The content was very good and explained in a clear way, with good images again to back up the text.

Score = 4/5

Not being a geological site, the site obviously lacked in depth detail about landforms etc. However the site was very good for a background of the Namib desert, and provided good images. As a site it was slightly difficult to tell which page was leading to where and the layout seemed jumbled and confusing. Not an easy site to go through.

Score 2.5/5

Not a geology site again but the images/photos are amazing and provide a true insight into the Geology of the Sahara. The page was easy to navigate through and the pictures were clearly labelled and locations of them were stated. Beautiful site just to browse through.

Score 5/5

This page was simple and straight to the point there were few pictures. The order was clear and the content was accurate and well detailed. The overall presentation was slightly dull but it was informative. The links in the site were just to the same page but lower down so no real navigating away from the page on deserts. There was a clear navigation bar at the bottom to other pages in the site and these were all similar pages on different topics.

Score 3/5

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