Virtual Field Trip to the Florida Keys

Lower Keys: Location 12 - Saddlebunch Keys

Map provided courtesy of TopoZone button

Keys shuttle thumbnail Location map - click to enlarge

The thumbnail images below link to larger versions of the images, with additional information and exercises. Key images are highlighted with a red border; you should also take the time to study the other images, to see different aspects of this location.

flk12-01.jpg flk12-02.jpg flk12-03.jpg flk12-04.jpg flk12-05.jpg
flk12-06.jpg flk12-07.jpg flk12-08.jpg flk12-09.jpg flk12-10.jpg
flk12-11.jpg flk12-12.jpg flk12-13.jpg flk12-14.jpg flk12-15.jpg

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