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Exploring European Geology:
From Scandinavia to the Mediterranean

Tana delta, N Norway Ille-sur-Tet, S France

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By clicking on the highlighted topics below, you will be taken to web pages containing links to relevant information.

Ancient oceans and mountains of Norway

The Channel Islands and nearby France: ancient rocks and the tectonics responsible

The evolution of the Pyrenees: from Palaeozoic to Tertiary time

Conditions in Languedoc, southern France, before the end-Cretaceous impact: dinosaurs, climate, landscape

Meteorite impacts: Ries Crater in Germany, Rochechouart in France

Fossils of exceptionally preserved soft organisms of southern Germany

Rifting in the Rhine valley and volcanoes of the Eifel

Tertiary and Quaternary volcanoes of the Massif Central, France

Earthquakes and volcanoes of Italy and Greece

These links were originally compiled for an evening class at Oxford University, taught by Dorothy Satterfield


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