Microgranite dykes
Here there are a number of dykes (.<1m). They are planar and well differentiated from the surrounding rock (with a sharp contact).The dyke material is a light coloured fine grained igneous rock and is therefore different from those at locations 1 and 2. which are coarse


1m dyke up side of gorge

This dyke extends all the way from the road up the top of the side of the gorge
!m dyke on bend
.Rounding the corner towards the location of the dykes. The first of them is to the left of the person in the bright yellow top


The Composition of the rock in the dykes
Aplite (a textural term) is usually said to have the texture of granular sugar. The rock of these dykes is a little coarser than this but is probably still within range and the small grain size is associated with rapid cooling. As is usual for aplite the texture is equigranular with fairly well formed crystals. Aplite is said to usually occur only in veins up to 20 cm and these are up to 1m. The composition of the material in these dykes is very low in dark coloured minerals and there is almost no biotite, (see Location 1)

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