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Migmatites, folds, variable rock types
At location 8 the road to Héric crosses the river and we are a little more than half way along our journey. Just beyond this point the rock becomes variable with the introduction of areas of high metamorphic grade anatectic migmatites alternating with the gneisses. Sometimes the patches of each are small and sometimes the two are mixed. Not too far away the rock type changes yet again to rocks of lower grade such as the schists of location 1 and even lower grade meta shales (location 9 and 10).


Photo towards the bridge

View near the bridge


quartz  segregations

Rocks intermediate between gneiss and migmatite with some disordering of the banding.

River bed at Loc 8

The river bed at the location of the large folds
Photo on the bridge
The bridge

Photo of rock with disordered  lineations

Rocks with a disordered lineation
Photo large z folds
large z folds, evidence that folding occurred after injection of the 1-2 aplite dykes

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