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These links and readings are provided to support the Sedimentology module at the University of Derby, and are in addition to the classes, and the course and practical notes available from the University of Derby web site. It is not necessarily given in exactly the same order as in the course.

Textbook references are to:

TUCKER, M.E. 2001. Sedimentary Petrology: an introduction to the origin of sedimentary rocks. 3rd edition. Blackwell Scientific Publications.


Carbonate Petrology

Reading reading
  • Tucker, chapter 4, sections 4.3, 4.4, 4.5

Online lectures, tutorials & reading

Lectures and Tutorials



Virtual Microscope

Video, audio

Video, Audio
  • SCHOLLE, P.A. 1982 Carbonate Petrography video. American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Library: R552.5 SCH

Quizzes and tests

  • carbonate organism images quiz (under reconstruction)



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