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Petroleum Geology of Devon:
The Otter sandstone
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The southern coast of England.

The southern coast of England. image courtesy of

These web pages contain the results of a field trip, which looks at an outcrop of the Otter Sandstone Formation at Sidmouth on the south coast of England. The Otter Sandstone Formation is the upper part of the Sherwood Sandstone Group, which is the main reservoir rock of the nearby Wytch Farm Oilfield at subsurface. The outcrop is set in the Wessex Basin, which was developed following the Variscan orogeny. The Sherwood Sandstone Group is a thick continental sediment that was deposited in the Triassic.

The outcrop has been studied before by other geologists and this report is a culmination of previous works and field trip data from Audrey Lacroix being used to determine the depositional environment of the Otter Sandstone Formation.


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