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Sahara Desert Location 1- Western Sahara desertLocation 2  - Southern SaharaLocation 3- Northern Sahara- AlgeriaLocation 4- Central Sahara desertLocation 5- Eastern Sahara desert

Tour of the desert

(Source: Timothy Edwards Middle School)

The map above shows the route that will be taken across the Sahara desert. It runs from:

Location 1 Western Sahara

Location 2 Niger, South Sahara

Location 3 Algeria, North Sahara

Location 4 Libya, Central Sahara

Location 5 Egypt, Eastern Sahara

For the second half of the virtual fieldtrip the map below will be used starting in Namib (Location 6) on the South western coast of Africa and moving to Location 7 the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

Southern DesertsKalahari DesertNamib Desert

Source: libralion.com


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