Evaporites are of great economic importance and have a wide range of uses and applications.

Evaporites are the main source of halite, sodium chloride, low purity halite is used for roads, and higher grades are refined for culinary salt and as a source of sodium chloride for the chemical and metal industries.

Potassium evaporites such as sylvite are the main source of potassium used as a fertilizer in agriculture.

Buried evaporite sequences can also be important in the oil and gas industries as halite and sylvite can flow under burial pressure, and are able to rise as 'diapers', buckling overlying sedimentary layers in domes that may act as traps for hydrocarbons.

Geologically evaporites are useful in the studies of paleoclimatology since they are generally restricted to areas of low latitude, where temperatures are very high, relative humidity is low and evaporation far exceeds rainfall.

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