Location 6.

Cap d'Agde.

This town is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean, south of St. Thibéry

Outcrop 6.

The volcanics found at this outcrop are slightly older than those found in St. Thibéry, however they area the same undersaturated alkali-olivine basalt. The age of these basanites has been identified due to the presence of a magnetic reversal in the rocks.

On the west of the bay it is possible to see impact structures within some of the rocks in the sea.

Picture 6:

This is a impact/sag structure.

This picture is of outcrop 6.

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Picture courtesy of Roger Suthren.


These rocks have been dated by the K-Ar method to between 850,000 ± 100,000 and 1,000,000 ± 200,000 years BP (before present)(Brousse & Lefevre, 1990).

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