Location 7.

Cap d'Agde.

This location is on the east side of the bay to locality 6.

Picture 7:

The east side of the bay.

This is location 7.

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Picture courtesy of Roger Suthren.

Outcrop 7.

This outcrop has a variety of sizes of particles, this is due to the eruption style of the volcano. The eruption style changed due to the presence or lack of water during the eruption.

Lots of water = poorly sorted material, with a lot of fines

Less water = bombs and larger blocks of material, better sorted

Outcrop 7 is a cross-section through a tuff ring. The bedding, cross-bedding and other sedimentary structures are a result of deposition from pyroclastic falls and surges.

Picture 8:

This is a cross-section of a tuff ring.

This is a picture of outcrop 7, showing beedin in the tuff ring, dipping steeply to the right.

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After considering what we are looking at it was determined that this area may show a cross-section through a volcanic crater. Possibly the steep beds are dipping into the crater.

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