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Virtual Field Trip to South Wales - Applied Sedimentology

It is important that you access this field trip on a laptop or desktop PC.

Context: This virtual field trip was written for 2nd year Geology students at the University of Derby on the Applied Sedimentology module. It replaced our usual 6-day field trip to West Wales during the 2020-21 Covid pandemic. Students were provided with detailed instructions and additional information, and set specific tasks to complete for assessment, within our Blackboard virtual learning environment [screenshot]. Some of that information is reproduced here. This page serves as access to the field days and localities for the general public.

Warning: some geological licence has been taken at some locations in order to construct suitable exercises. Those of you who know these locations well will spot these - please be lenient!

Virtual field equipment and documents:


University of Derby students practising their sedimentological skills


Field localities

Day 1

1.1. En route to Wales: Silurian at Rubery, West Midlands

1.2 Silurian at New Quay, Ceredigion

1.3 Silurian at Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

1.4 Silurian at Borth, Ceredigion

Day 2

2.1 Modern estuarine sediments at Poppit Sands, Ceredigion

2.2 'Old Red Sandstone' at Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

2.3 Upper Old Red Sandstone to Lower Carboniferous at Skrinkle Haven, Pembrokeshire

Day 3

3.1 Lower Carboniferous limestones at Caswell Bay, Gower

3.2 Lower Carboniferous and Upper Triassic at Barry Island, Vale of Glamorgan



Day 4

4.1 Upper Carboniferous (Westphalian) at Amroth East, Pembrokeshire

4.2 Upper Carboniferous (Namurian) of the Marros - Telpyn Point - Amroth section, Carmarthenshire

4.3 The journey home - Triassic of Aust Cliff and viewpoint at Leckhampton Hill




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